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MHM Energy Options, an energy brokerage committed to creating substantial cost savings on natural gas, electricity and propane for clients, including business owners, municipalities and homeowners, across the country.

Our propane conversion is an amazing solution for small businesses, large fleet operators and municipalities to convert vehicles to propane.

MHM operates in 36 states and Canada, with certified agents and a growing client base throughout. Many companies are starting to convert vehicles to propane as a fuel source, because of its low cost and environmental benefits.

We review current energy bills and advise and execute the changes that immediately reduce costs. Persuasive negotiating and analysis result in lower utility prices. We broker the greatest possible savings, service and support.

We Optimize
We enable customers to make informed decistions by providing:

  • The best supplier options
  • Performance-vs-cost budgets
  • Long-term energy cost control
  • Statistic-based recommendations allowing you to make informed decisions

We Negotiate
Our knowledge of suppliers, market trends, our expertise with contracts empowers MHM Energy Options to successfully negotiate for you.

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Propane for Autos
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