Bi-fuel System Reduces Carbon Monoxide Emissions By 70 Percent.

MHM Energy Options has partnered with Schaumburg-based Alternative Fuel Supply (AFS) to offer Chicago and surrounding suburbfleet owners a way to save money and add to their bottom line, while simultaneously reducing their carbon and nitrogen emissions. These are a few of the many benefits to consider when converting your fleet to a bi-fuel system of liquid propane and traditional gasoline.

In addition to saving money, liquid propane is a clean, low-carbon fuel, which reduces required vehicle maintenance. In addition, AFS uses EPA-certified bi-fuel conversion systems. The propane fuel tank, pump, line and injectors are discrete from the existing gasoline system, effectively doubling the range of the vehicle and ensuring that a vehicle out of range from a propane filling station will never be stranded.

This is a turnkey solution for public and private entities that allows them to reduce their expenditures and modernize their fleet vehicles. We will convert the vehicles to a bi-fuel system with a separate fuel tank, line and injectors allowing your vehicle to be powered by either gasoline or propane autogas.

AFS fueling stations will be conveniently located in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs so that customers can easily fuel their vehicles. All fleets such as school and metropolitan buses, taxi cabs, livery vehicles, service and delivery vehicles, police and municipal vehicles and commercial lawn equipment are eligible to take advantage of this new fueling method.

Fueling is Fast and Safe
Pumps 7-9 gallons per minute. The average vehicle fuels in 2 minutes.

AFS uses the most modern fueling technology.

The AFS fueling system uses only the most modern technology, including quick-lock fuel nozzles that fuel at 7-9 gallons per minute, or roughly the same speed as gasoline. The propane bi-fuel systems are warrantied for three years and reduce total emissions by 70%, a great benefit to the environment.

For qualifying customers, AFS provides the conversion system and installation for your vehicle, a fuel dispensing system with card reader, an ASME-certified liquid propane storage tank and autogas-grade 105-octane liquid propane fuel. The fuel cost is locked in at a cost below the market rate of gasoline to ensure steady savings.

AFS fueling stations are conveniently located in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs so that customers can easily take advantage of propane for automobiles.

Propane autogas is a fueling method available to all types of vehicle fleets, such as School and Metropolitan Buses, Taxi Cabs and Livery Vehicles, Police and Municipal Vehicles, Commercial Lawn Equipment.

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Propane for Autos
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