What are "deregulated" energy programs?

To lower energy costs by removing restrictions on utility companies, many states have licensed "Alternative Energy Suppliers" to compete with the public utilities by permitting discounts on energy rates. When you change suppliers, your existing utility company remains your provider and continues to deliver emergency services. Your utility company must, by law, respond, repair, and service as if no change had occurred. The changeover to a new supplier is automatic and you do not experience any loss of service during this process. There are no fees or charges for this change so long as you remain with your new supplier for at least twelve months.

What are "deregulated" energy programs?

Yes. Because of the nature of our research, MHM provides you with detailed information about potential energy suppliers. When the municipal charter or your board of directors requires a bid, we provide the results of our research.

Why should I choose MHM Energy Options over another alternative energy savings agency?

  1. We are one of the largest geographic energy agencies in the nation with many qualified and certified agents. Our suppliers have been in business for many years. Some have been in the industry for as long as 100 years, and some have millions of customers and billions of dollars in energy sales and assets.
  2. Most alternative energy agencies only represent one or two suppliers. MHM shops for you with numerous suppliers (depending on the state) and obtains the best rate for you.
  3. Our agents are trained to serve you in a professional, low-keyed, no hustle, and no hassle approach. Because energy cost quotations fluctuate rapidly, MHM’s thorough knowledge of market trends and relationships in the alternative energy supplier market is competitive. All quotes are obtained from suppliers no later than five business days from the initial request.

Why should I choose MHM Energy Options instead of dealing directly with an alternative energy supplier?

  1. MHM knows suppliers’ changing minimum and maximum volume requirements. We know their credit requirements, enrollment procedures and paperwork needed to sign up your business in the best energy savings program.
  2. MHM provides you with a no-cost, no-obligation quote, using your 12-month usage history from the energy company. We review all proposals and contracts from select suppliers for accuracy, and are available to answer or any question you may have.
  3. MHM quotes all suppliers as of the same date to insure you are receiving the best rate information at a particular point in time.
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