Change Your Life and generate excellent additional Income as an Energy Consultant

Here's your chance to change the direction of your life with a dynamic career as an Energy Consultant. You'll not only be able to generate significant additional income, you can do it without abandoning any other income sources.

As a Consultant, you'll be immersed in the emerging marketplace of the decade: ENERGY! You'll be connected to MHM-Energy Options and CEO Energy Options, two successful energy-brokerage companies who have joined forces to bring consumers and commercial companies of all sizes savings of up to 30% You link customers to alternative energy suppliers—we have connections to 112! You'll have connections to them, too!

We employ Energy Consultants throughout the United States and Canada. We have successfully operated for 22 years in 36 states that have deregulated public utilities. More states are headed that way, which create more opportunities for more customers to switch energy suppliers.

A Singular and Multi-tiered Way to Make Money

This unique path provides a multi-tiered way to make money. You earn a commission when you sign a new customer up and if you get another consultant to work for/with you, you get a commission on their earnings too. And the potential keeps building. You decide what the limits are yourself! Why not make the sky the limit?!

We pay more commission than any other energy company!

Bottom Line Benefits

BOOMING MARKET. Get involved in an industry people have called a "monster market"

EARN "STACKING RESIDUAL INCOME." Income stacks up and builds upon itself. Because clients stay, you keep your base gross profit and stack on added income each year . In a few years, you could be earning hundreds of thousands of dollars! Many people are doing it.

We offer references! Call and we'll provide the names and contact information of others who will share their success stories.


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