MHM constantly monitors market dynamics to identify the best purchase opportunities. Our timely analyses allow you to take advantage of energy opportunities before they disappear.

Our Process

MHM reviews your energy/utility usage and cost history to determine your current energy supply needs. Our consultants prepare a "COST SAVINGS ANALYSIS & FEASIBILITY STUDY" which they can draw on to recommend purchasing options. This results in more price-competitive and timely energy bids. The energy industry fluctuates quickly; we advise you promptly about your options.

MHM can also advise environmentally-concerned clients about the use of propane gas, a burgeoning energy-supply source. Propane is less expensive than natural gas, and has a multitude of uses—not just for outdoor grills, but as a full source for emergency generators, and even full for suitably equipped motor vehicles. It’s considerably less hazardous to the environment than traditional fuel sources, and is very economical as well.

MHM energy experts review all the program options of our many suppliers, and recommend the best option for you based on pricing, contract terms, product structures, terminations fees, and market trends. They research trends and price histories by evaluating major energy pricing indices and markets such as NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange) and NGI (Natural Gas Intelligence Index).

MHM consultants provide you specific guidance with actual market data, not a confusing list of names. When you approve a recommendation, MHM will handle the transactions quickly and smoothly. We manage all the paperwork (and the legwork) for you.

Our Support

Our expertise in energy consulting enables our clients to make informed decisions. To guide your company through the complicated web of energy contract options, MHM provides unique energy market knowledge, experience, and straightforward answers.

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Quick Facts

  • MHM Energy Options offers options with competitively priced natural gas and electric power for your benefit and savings.
  • MHM Energy Options clients include the business sector, government, non-profits, and others. They range from small companies to the large corporations, some having annual energy expenditures of $25 million.

MHM brings you significant savings, especially compared to the energy pricing of most public utilities.

  • MHM Energy Options negotiates true “transport" deals for the very large energy volume clients in 48 states.
  • MHM Energy Options negotiates energy procurement in 112 primary markets, behind 112 local distribution companies.
  • MHM Energy Optionscontracts with multiple energy suppliers to serve you.
  • MHM Energy Options energy suppliers are some of the largest and most prestigious energy names in America. Some have 150-year legacies, most operate nationally or globally, and some have energy assets in the $50 billion range.
Propane for Autos
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